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Fine art photography is the creative means to capture what the photographer sees and feels toward a certain subject or scene. As such, it relies solely upon the artist’s ideas and vision.

Furthermore, unlike photojournalism, fine art photography is not used to document an event. Instead, it is used primarily to make a distinct artistic statement.

To give you further insight into this type of photography, here are the important things you need to know about fine art photography including its definition and background as an art form.

Fine Art Defined

The term “fine art” was originally coined to differentiate the works of artists which are purely their creative expression from works that were intended for a commission.

To simply put it, fine art is a visual art created solely for aesthetic and intellectual value rather than a functional purpose.

What is Fine Art Photography?

Fine art is now regarded as a particular style in photography, especially in wedding photography and portraits.

Fine art photography is solely about the photographer and what he sees, in contrast to what the camera sees. The camera is only used as a mere tool to capture a work of art which ultimately shows the photographer’s vision and statements.

It goes beyond the literal representation of a subject or scene as it’s all about conveying specific ideas, messages, or even emotions felt by the photographer in a vivid and distinctive style.

This is the reason why creating fine art photographs demands much of the photographer’s time and creativity. In fact, the creative process behind it begins even before the photos are taken. Fine art photographers understand the work that needs to be done in order to achieve beautiful images that tell a compelling story.

The Fine Art Photography Technique

Fine art photographers use a specific technique to demonstrate their unique ideas and vision about the subject matter. They like to focus on each and every important detail of the image which includes lighting, framing, and editing proficiency. With this attention to detail, they can produce highly artistic and stylized photographs.

So if you are considering fine art photography for your images, here are the other qualities you can expect from your photographer.

1. Professional Skills

Fine art photographers must understand how their camera exactly works in order to capture beautiful photos. They should also show other technical skills in lighting and post-editing to achieve the desired end results.

2. Artistic Talent

What differentiates a fine art photographer from all other photographers is their unique artistic talent. They pay attention to every detail of the photograph and consider many factors that can contribute to the final image.

In fact, they should be able to direct your pose as it is one of the strong elements to consider in portraits. Basic poses such as arching the back, tilting the head up, and creating a shape with your body all result in distinct fine art portraits.

3. Creative Vision

Even before they start taking photos, fine art photographers already have a final image in their mind’s eye. As a result, they know exactly what to do to achieve that specific idea and vision that they developed.

4. Consistency

Fine art photographers have a distinct style and this will show across all their works.

As a result, you don’t have to worry about getting photos which do not fit together. Even if you’ve booked your session years later after your first one, a good fine art photographer can capture your photos with that same uniqueness you loved because of his consistency in style.

5. Passionate Storytelling

Fine art photographers love to tell the stories of their subjects. Expect them to get up-close and personal as they believe your facial expressions, especially the one shown by your eyes, is the gateway to your soul.

As a result, they can perfectly capture your emotions and feelings in order to convey a befitting narrative that’s worthy to be shared.

In summary, fine art photography is the creative means of capturing what the photographer sees and feels about a certain subject or scene. As a result, this style of photography is best used if you want to achieve images focused primarily on beauty or aesthetics.

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