Fine art photography is the creative means to capture what the photographer sees and feels toward a certain subject or scene. As such, it relies solely upon the artist’s ideas and vision.

Furthermore, unlike photojournalism, fine art photography is not used to document an event. Instead, it is used primarily to make a distinct artistic statement.

To give you further insight into this type of photography, here are the important things you need to know about fine art photography including its definition and background as an art form.

Fine Art Defined

The term “fine art” was originally coined to differentiate the works of artists which are purely their creative expression from works that were intended for a commission.

To simply put it, fine art is a visual art created solely for aesthetic and intellectual value rather than a functional purpose.

What is Fine Art Photography?

Fine art is now regarded as a particular style in photography, especially in wedding photography and portraits.

Fine art photography is solely about the photographer and what he sees, in contrast to what the camera sees. The camera is only used as a mere tool to capture a work of art which ultimately shows the photographer’s vision and statements.

It goes beyond the literal representation of a subject or scene as it’s all about conveying specific ideas, messages, or even emotions felt by the photographer in a vivid and distinctive style.