Into the woods

In the Philippines young ladies turning 18 is one of an important milestone in her life, a Filipino tradition that is celebrated with family and close friends. It is the family's way of officially introducing their daughter into the society as an adult and into maturity.

Every debutante usually has a pre debut photoshoot  that they can showcase on the day of their celebration and to keep as a remembrance of their special day. 


This concept is INTO THE WOODS which is done in my garden. Quite simple styling but turned out to be beautiful...the colors all added to the drama for the young woman's photoshoot.

quote into the woods.jpg

I enjoyed creating this concept for this and green simply looks good together. This gorgeous young lady made this photoshoot a delight.  It has been raining while we were doing her hair and make up and I was worried that we will not be able to shoot as planned in the garden. However the skies cleared and we were given a few minutes to have the photoshoot done. All is well after all.