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Chris See Casas: WPE International Silver Awardee

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

This is the first time Chris entered a photography competition. And the best part - she bagged a Silver Award!

It took Chris a while to join a competition because she knew that she needed to be very strict and technical with her concept, lighting and composition. “I've tried submitting this photo multiple times but ended up not pushing through…But my gut told me to click that submit button or I'll regret not trying…”

After some introspection and discussion with Ms. Abi (Abi Miguel, I am Abi Fine Art Photography), Chris finally decided to send in her photo.

“My main inspiration for this photo is a ball-jointed doll, which is dressed and posed life-like, yet its doll-like features are still very distinguishable. I believe this differs from my previous shoots because we achieved clean pastel colors and a doll-like expression.”

“For me, it looks simple yet complicated, colorful yet clean-looking, sharp (the texture and eyes) yet soft (see how light touches the subject). A mix of contradictions which I love so much. All I know is that I really love this image and the processes to creating this.”

As the saying goes “Fortune favors the bold.” Fortunately, Chris listened to herself, believed in herself and took a chance. Kudos to you Chris! Carpe diem (seize the day)!

WPE is an award-giving body based in Europe. This was founded by other photographers whose objective is to recognize and reward creative excellence in the field of photography.

Check out more of Chris’s work here.

Art Direction: Jobo Antonio Nacpil

Studio: I am Abi Fine Art Photography Make-Up: Bojane Beltran

Headdress: Job Dacon

Muse: Allyza Laurise

Special thanks: Wilmark Jolindon and Joseph Coo Baluyot

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