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The Timeless: Ms. Jackie Lou Blanco

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

“Hi! Good afternoon! I’m Jackie.”

Simple and totally unassuming, Ms. Jackie entered our studio with her hair in a ponytail, wearing regular athletic wear. Even with her mask still on, we knew she had a big smile. Yes, we knew that we were going to enjoy this shoot.

Looking fresh and still very fit in her late 50s, Ms. Jackie opted for a simple yet classic photoshoot concept. “I want to show me, my skin, my gray hair and my wrinkles, and to show people that there is nothing wrong with that.”

(Simple and Classic Styling)

Theatre remains to be her passion. While she has successfully done it in the past, it is something that she would like to do again. “I do it (theatre) for me.”

(Androgynous Styling)

What brings her joy and fulfillment is her family and her strong relationship with the Lord. At this age and with so many years of life experience behind her, she has learned to minimize stress in her life. “Be grateful. Be accepting. There are things or situations that are beyond your control. So just let it go.”

(1940’s Inspired Styling)

Following the mindset of Ms. Jackie, being timeless is not letting society nor your age decide on what you can and cannot do, who you are or cannot be. Being timeless means finding joy in yourself and with the people around you. Being timeless means constantly rediscovering, reinventing and redefining yourself. For no one else in this world can be you.

(Behind the scenes with Ms. Jackie Lou)

Head Photographer and Creative Director: Ms. Abi Miguel

Videographer: Bryan Termulo (Bryter Events Studio)

Video Assistant: Christopher Jacinto

Hair and Make-Up Artist: Gwenn De Lara

Production: Joseph Coo Baluyot

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