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Strike a pose: I am Abi Fine Art Photography Makes Everyone's Dreams Come To Life

By the Mega Team (featured in ONEMEGA.COM)

With the help of I am Abi’s creative efforts, we’ll all be able to relive our photo dreams over and over again

While taking photos of whatever interests us is something that’s considered second nature, we don’t always feel comfortable when it’s our turn to stand in front of the camera. This is why it’s vital that the ones taking the photos try their best to relax and encourage us at the same time. Not only that, but it’s also better if the team handles more than just the actual photography session for us to not worry about other aspects of the production like the set and our styling, which is what I am Abi Fine Art Photography does. Standing as a woman-led portrait photography studio, they pride themselves on providing a convenient photoshoot experience for every single one of their clients.

Client-first, always

Founded by international award-winning fine art photographer Abi Miguel, I am Abi is a studio that celebrates people and life through photography as they capture beautiful moments throughout different stages of people’s lives. They’re a company that believes each client is a work of art, which is why they always do everything in their power to create an entire production that turns everyone’s photo dreams into reality. To make that happen, I am Abi ensures they thoroughly collaborate with everyone as clients are given a completely customized photoshoot experience.

Clients have the freedom to come up with their own concept, along with the studio’s guidance, and once the vision is finalized, everyone gets to work. While concepts between clients can sometimes be similar with one another, the team at I am Abi guarantees that the production styling is exclusive to each of us. One way to do this is by using real plants and fresh flowers in order to create different set ups. Headdresses and other accessories, which are made on the spot from time to time, are also personalized based on their clients’ unique features.

A studio with a purpose

With a vast number of photo studios around, getting to work with one that stands by their own advocacy every single day is pretty unusual, but not exactly impossible. “You are your own work of art” is what keeps I am Abi going. Being able to remind and emphasize to clients that they are already their own types of masterpieces is something that the team is honored to do because it also boosts clients’ confidence. This makes the entire experience, from the beginning of conceptualization to the final release of photos, even more worthwhile.

One-stop Shop

If there’s one thing that I am Abi is proud of, it’s the fact that they offer a lot more than the usual photography studios. They have their own photo studio where everyone can conceptualize and execute the production styling, an in-house hair and makeup artist, and even a fashion stylist. Being a full-service photography studio inevitably takes away the hassle and stress clients normally go through since they take care of almost everything.

Creative dreams come true

I am Abi is known for a variety of shoots. From fine art photography, solo portrait photography, to maternity photoshoots, their versatility makes them a top choice studio for everyone’s wildest photoshoot dreams. They even had a lot of pre-debut shoots just this past year thanks to their efforts, skill, and creativity that surpass every debutant’s expectations. With the amount of experience they have under their belt, it’s no surprise that everyone’s lining up to be shot and guided by the team behind I am Abi.

For more information on I am Abi Fine Art Photography’s services, visit their website, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram. You can even receive a free Fine Art Archival Print with a Museum-quality Frame if you book a photoshoot by February 28, 2022. Be sure to use the special code: #IamAbiMegaJanDG.

Ysabel Ortega and Lexi Gonzales photoshoots: Makeup DAVE QUIAMBAO Hair JULY VITO Styling KIM SISON

All photos shot at THE I AM ABI STUDIO

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