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Ms. Celeste Lecaroz-Aceron. Fierce @50.

Celeste is a self-taught painter. She is an epitome that learning does not have any ceiling or age limit. In fact, she only started painting at the age of 48 as a means of finding a community for herself as her children were growing up. Now at 50, she has established herself as a real, soulful painter mastering the spontaneous realism style, which was popularised by European artist, Voka.

She is inspired by painters John Singer Sergeant, an American artist considered the leading portrait painter of his generation, and a local Filipino painter, Pacita Abad with her vibrantly colorful Trapunto paintings. From them, she learned new techniques in the realm of Impressionism and other painting mediums.

She is a firm believer that age cannot be categorized and as such, one must continuously reinvent oneself. This mindset is also reflected in her painting style. She initially started with strong, bold, and vibrant colors, and now has ventured into a more subdued color palette, albeit still vivid and very detailed. Proudly called the Sisterhood series, Celeste pays homage to the female. It is a celebration of women and how much we are able to empower each other. Strong women that stand together and hold each other up.

It is with this story in mind that the collaboration between two artists, of different mediums, ensued. One a painter, one a photographer. Both, finding their rightful place in their respective male-dominated industries.

Ms. Abigail Miguel, an advocate of women empowerment, took the photos of Celeste for her upcoming exhibit entitled, DIALOGO, featuring her Sisterhood series. Her guidelines were simple, "I want to be known as a serious artist. Bare and soulful. Serious and truthful." The photos below showcase Celeste, the artist.

Let's support Celeste in her 7th exhibit beginning on the 13th of November at Art Elaan (Ayala Malls Manila Bay). Together let's celebrate Filipino women.

Read more about Ms. Celeste Lecaroz-Aceron here.

We would like to acknowledge the following for making this collaboration possible:

Photographer: Abigail Miguel of I am Abi Fine Art Photography

Hair and Make-up Artist: Bojane Beltran

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