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I am strong. I am invincible. I am Woman. (An All-Female Collaboration)

Last 29 July, I am Abi Fine Art Photography had its first all-female collaboration. Led by Ms. Abi Miguel, the objective of the photoshoot was to feature female photographers and share their artistic vision of what is a woman.

Junessa Rendon, Abi Miguel, Chris See Casas

Joining Abi in this collaboration were portrait photographers, Junessa Rendon and Chris See Casas.

The photographers were given free rein to interpret the concept "I am Strong. I am Invincible. I am Woman.", the title of a very popular song by Australian singer, Helen Reddy back in 1972. This song celebrated women and female empowerment and as such, became the anthem of the women's liberation movement in the 70's.

CHRIS SEE CASAS works as an Associate Photographer of I am Abi. Chris has been a professional photographer for three years, starting with food and product, and now venturing into portrait photography. For this collaboration, Chris' vision was to showcase that women are gold, sacred, triumphant, and precious. And must always be treated as such.

A photographer of 5 years, the expertise of JUNESSA RENDON, like Chris, is in portrait, food, and product photography. Add to that beauty and fashion. Junessa went a bit dark with her concept, drawing her inspiration from the history of witches. "It's a modern-day witch-hunt," she says "This is a way to remind people that this (witch-hunt) hasn't stopped." "Women are still being persecuted for being women."

Finally, ABI MIGUEL. She is the most senior of the three, being in the industry for 14 years. Known for her painterly images, her passion is bringing out the true beauty of women through her photographs. "All women are beautiful", she says. For this shoot, she is inspired by the color red, a powerful and emboldening hue. There is no other color that embodies the same enigmatic energy - just like an empowered and confident woman.

The message of the song gives life to the advocacy of I am Abi, that is supporting and elevating women. Photography may be a male-dominated industry however, these three female photographers, with their skill, grace, courage, and fortitude prove that they can do anything...even bring this industry to a whole new level.

"The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description." - Steve Maraboli

The Production Team

CONCEPT: I am Strong. I am Invincible.

I am Woman.

VIDEOGRAPHER: Pogs Torres Francisco


- Wardrobe: Job Dacon


- Make-Up Artist: Charisse Daily

- Hair Stylist: Carlo Roblico

Special thanks to Roj Miguel

If you would like more information about our photography service, as well as our full range of studio and printing services, please check our website and social media accounts FB: I am Abi Fine Art Photography / IG:

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Sef Briggz
Sef Briggz

ang gaganda po ng output... magaling kayong lahat.. nakakainspire!

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