The I am Abi Studio once again opened its doors to an exclusive collaboration with distinct photographers in the country. Led by Ms. Abi Miguel, the collaboration is part of our vision to create a place for photographers to share and exchange experiences and expertise, with the ultimate objective of supporting the photography industry.

The styling for this second collaboration is simply called OPHELIA.

Ophelia is a main character in Hamlet, a famous Shakespearean drama. She is also the muse of John Everett Millais, a famous English painter, who painted Ophelia as she was drowning in a river. The styling for this collaboration is inspired by her story, largely by the painting…that despite her sorrows and woes, her face exudes a certain sense of peace and calmness.

In this project, we were joined by four greatly talented photographers. During the shoot, each one had their own time to take photos to give them the space to work. They were all given a free hand to create their shots – direct the models, set the lights and mood as well as play with the props. Oh how beautiful and loved Ophelia was!

What pray tell shall the next collaboration be? Alas, for that we shall wait and see… 😉

You can find more photos of the shoot in the respective social media accounts of our guests.

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We would like to thank the following people for making this collaboration a success:

Guest photographers: