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The I am Abi Studio once again opened its doors to an exclusive collaboration with distinct photographers in the country. Led by Ms. Abi Miguel, the collaboration is part of our vision to create a place for photographers to share and exchange experiences and expertise, with the ultimate objective of supporting the photography industry.

The styling for this second collaboration is simply called OPHELIA.

Ophelia is a main character in Hamlet, a famous Shakespearean drama. She is also the muse of John Everett Millais, a famous English painter, who painted Ophelia as she was drowning in a river. The styling for this collaboration is inspired by her story, largely by the painting…that despite her sorrows and woes, her face exudes a certain sense of peace and calmness.

In this project, we were joined by four greatly talented photographers. During the shoot, each one had their own time to take photos to give them the space to work. They were all given a free hand to create their shots – direct the models, set the lights and mood as well as play with the props. Oh how beautiful and loved Ophelia was!

What pray tell shall the next collaboration be? Alas, for that we shall wait and see… 😉

You can find more photos of the shoot in the respective social media accounts of our guests.

If you would like more information about our photography service as well as our full range of studio and printing services, please get in touch with us at 0910.616.6178 or send us an email at

We would like to thank the following people for making this collaboration a success:

Guest photographers:

Mr. Stanley Ong is one of the pioneers in the industry. His experience and expertise is wide ranging from portrait, magazine, food and travel to name a few. He has a special penchant for children as they embody honesty and innocence. Each photo he captures is meant to inspire and make it meaningful to other people. He describes his photography as a reflection of his personality and a way for him to show how he views the world.

Ms. Junessa Rendon is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle photographer, as well as a vlogger. Her interest and love for photography started in high school. It is an extension of herself, a medium to allow her creative voice to shine through.

Another photographer who shared his time with us was Mr. Roj Miguel. His experience also lies in portrait and fashion photography.

An engineer by education, sales by career but a photographer by heart, Mr. Lorenz Yatco has been in the industry for over thirteen years. Although he initially dabbled into portraits, he eventually found his passion in food and product photography. He says “Photography allows me to express myself in a way other people understand – a form of self expression.”

Last but not the least is Ms. Chris See Casas. Chris is part of the I am Abi team as head editor but she is also a professional food photographer, visual artist and entrepreneur. A relative newbie, she turned professional three years ago but has been in-love with photography for 8 years. She is inspired by other professionals who value creativity and imagination

Guest models:

Ms. Anna Dmitrieva is from Siberia. She is a graduate of Information Technology, major in Economics. She moved to Manila in 2019 and has been modelling since then. She would like to start her own business someday, maybe a restaurant.

Ms. Ferina De Paz is a beauty queen. She started modelling when she was only twelve years old. From her vast experience in modelling her is the androgynous look. She finds this to be challenging and also not the usual modelling genre.

In-House Hair and Make-Up Artist

Ms. Bojane Beltran, is a self-taught HMU artist. Whilst she is able to execute various looks, from the simplest to the overly-complex, the fresh look remains to be her most-loved. “I believe in enhancing the natural beauty of my clients.” She works with other artists who share the same passion, creativity and positive attitude. For this project, she is supported by Mr. Ace Herana.





Photo credits: Chris See Casas and Lorenz Yatco

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