You’ve been thinking of booking a photoshoot for your little bundle of joy, whose birthday happens to fall in June. This may even be their very first photoshoot, which means that the photos will be twice as precious!

Want your June baby to look absolutely adorable in this memorable shoot? You’ll need the photoshoot to revolve around a playful theme. Even better, go for a theme that reflects your little one’s birth month. The resulting pictures will surely bring smiles to the rest of the family. Get inspired by taking a look at these 4 cute photoshoot samples for June babies!

4 Cute Photoshoot Samples for June Babies

1. Cloudy June Skies

Following sunny April and humid May, June signals the start of the rainy season in the Philippines. Rain is often linked to gloominess, but there are ways you can turn it into a cute June photoshoot theme!

Grown-ups and older kids can easily pull off a spontaneous shoot under a shower on a June afternoon. But for delicate June babies, an overcast sky can be dreamy enough! The photoshoot sample above is made even more stunning by the wet shore which seems like a sweeping mirror.

2. Sleeping In

Does your little June baby enjoy the snooze weather as much as you do? If so, you can swaddle them in comfortable blankets or tuck them into a cute basket for a cozy photoshoot that doubles as naptime!

Try to find a basket that’s the perfect size for your sleeping bundle of joy. Then, coordinate the blankets, the backdrop, and any other accessories (like the dreamcatcher in the picture) for extra visual charm. Finally, loosely wrap your little one in the blankets for the photoshoot! Cool, dark colors evoke rainy nighttime skies and the drowsiness that comes at bedtime.

3. Fun with Knitted Pieces