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Fine art photography is now recognized in the wedding community because of the way it can enhance every couples’ grand tale of romance.

It is an artistic way to capture your special day with a specific narrative in mind, often paying careful attention to the lighting and composition. The ultimate result is one-of-a-kind wedding images that you can truly cherish for many years to come.

So whether you want to learn more about this trend or choose this particular photography style for your big day, here are the facts you need to know about fine art wedding photography.

Fine Art Wedding Photography: Basic Questions Answered


Fine art wedding photography is all about the photographers’ artistic vision. It is not about the way the camera sees a particular scene or subject, it is about capturing what the photographer can visualize on your wedding day.

Unlike photojournalists who depict your special event in an objective way without artistic enhancements, fine art photographers capture your wedding day with a specific narrative in mind. For instance, they will direct you and your partner to do specific poses in order to tell a unique story befitting for your romance. Just some of the basic poses you can do are:

  • Reaching for each other

  • Arching the back

  • Tilting the head up

  • Leaning towards each other

  • Creating unique shapes with your body

They also add and place important items, such as your wedding ring or invitation, in the shot to capture the detailed keepsakes of your special day.

Furthermore, they carefully pay attention to every important detail of the wedding which includes creative framing, lighting and post-production techniques. This ultimately produces very artistic and highly stylized wedding pictures of you and your partner.

Why You Should Consider a Fine Art Wedding Photographer?

A fine art photographer can capture your wedding day in a whole new different way because of the specific technique he uses. Here are the other reasons why you should consider a fine art wedding photographer.

1. Capture All Your Emotion

Other photography styles simply document your wedding day as it is–just another milestone event. However, with fine art wedding photography, you can capture all the emotions seen on your big day as it focuses on enhancing your love story.

Fine art wedding photographers help you identify what kind of love story you would want to share. They can also alter your wedding images, depending on the mood you want to achieve. Furthermore, they make sure to find the proper angle and composition in order to guide the viewer’s eye exactly where it should be and evoke certain emotions.

This ultimately results in wedding photos that perfectly show the happiness and love you felt on your big day.

2. Focus on Every Little Detail

Fine art photographers have a natural eye for detail. They also tend to see the beauty in unexpected places.

As a result, fine art photographers are ideal for your wedding day. They can easily capture each face and moment on your big day that can be otherwise easily missed in the blink of an eye. Furthermore, they can continuously snap away at every opportunity they spot for beautiful wedding images.

With all of these factors, you can ensure that every one of your guest’s smiles or tears of joy will be immortalized.

3. Achieve Unique and One-of-a-Kind Wedding Images

Fine art wedding photographers can make every aspect and element of your big day stand out. Thus, this photography style is especially ideal for couples who are very particular about the aesthetics, décor, and design on their wedding day.

And since fine art photographers can capture all your emotions and focus on every little detail, you can ultimately have unique and one-of-a-kind wedding images that perfectly tells your love story.

4. Create More Than Just Photos

Photography is considered to be an art form by a lot of people. Thus, fine art wedding photographers not only capture mere images of you on your big day but also create a work of art.

With the camera as their medium, fine art photographers reveal your vulnerability and show your sincerest emotions during your wedding. Thus, they can capture the art of being human.

Furthermore, their artworks can become much-loved family keepsakes that you can pass down to the next generation as a means of telling your grand romantic tale.

Fine art wedding photography is a creative way to capture your special day with a specific narrative in mind. Thus, it can give you treasured keepsakes that ultimately show the love and happiness you felt during your wedding. However, every fine art photographer’s approach is unique so make sure to pick one that perfectly matches your wedding day vision.

Are you looking for a fine art photographer for your upcoming wedding? I am Abi is a fine art photography studio in the Philippines and weddings happen to be one of our specialties. We strongly believe you are your own work of art so we take pride in capturing unique masterpieces you. We can also help you with your hair, makeup, and wardrobe to provide you the ultimate wedding photoshoot experience. Contact us today for a free quotation!

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