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The Christmas season is the perfect time to get together and celebrate the festivities with your family. As such, it’s best to treasure these special moments by capturing them through family photography.

There are many creative poses and ideas you can try out to show off your one-of-a-kind family. From formal portrait shots to sunny and candid images depicting the bond you share with your loved ones, here are 7 inspirations for your Christmas family photoshoot.

7 Creative Christmas Family Photoshoot Ideas

1. Dear Santa

Does your family follow the yearly tradition of writing letters to Santa Claus? If so, you can incorporate this idea into your next family photoshoot.

Gather around a Christmas tree, your favorite couch, or anywhere cozy, and write special messages to Santa. Then let the photographer snap away as you share and discuss these notes with your family before you forward them off to the North Pole.

2. Storybook Christmas

There’s no better way to share the family love than through a storybook-inspired Christmas photoshoot!

Dress up as your favorite fairytale character and pose together with your family in front of the camera. You can even decorate your living room or studio with presents, stuffed toys, candles, and the like to give off that cozy Christmas vibe.

For a simpler photoshoot, you can allow your little ones to pick up their favorite bedtime storybook and instruct them to pose beside your home’s Christmas tree.

3. A Silent Night

If you don’t want to go glam and dress up for the Holidays, then no worries! Even with your pajamas on, you can capture interesting and extremely heartwarming images of you and your family.

Simply gather together on the family couch or the dining table and share solemn moments with each other. This would ultimately translate well on the camera, giving you keepsakes of the special bond you share with your loved ones.

4. Fairytale Winter

The Christmas season is synonymous with white snow. As such, try going outside and play with the snow to achieve candid family photos. You can even lie down and create snow angels for a unique portrait image. Another concept you can try is blowing snow in front of the camera

Unfortunately, in the Philippines, you don’t get to experience snow during the winter season. Still, there are ways you can imitate the appearance of snow. You can hire photography studios like I am Abi where they meticulously style the place to mimic real snow.

Tip: You can actually make fake snow by yourself and place them strategically beside your Christmas tree for a fun indoor photoshoot.

5. Jingle Bells

Take your Christmas tree as the centerpiece for your family portraits. You can simply sit around the base of the tree and strike a smile for the camera. This shows the intimate relationship you share with your loved ones. Or you can also ask the photographer to capture the reflection of the jingle bells to achieve unique mirrored images of your family’s poses.

6. Starry Dream

Capture all the festivities during the Christmas season by dressing up in sparkling gowns and matching suits while carrying your presents or even your furry friends. This can actually become yearly Christmas traditions and as the years go by, you can compile them into a photobook.

You can also decorate your own living room or photo studio with stars and fairy lights for an even more magical look.

For the outdoor experience, drive to a remote location where you can clearly see the night sky then strike a pose. The shining stars would definitely make a stunning backdrop!

7. Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Ho ho ho! Channel your inner Santa Claus and dress like him in your next family photoshoot. Of course, don’t stay stiff and serious! Have a laugh and pull off funny faces as much as possible for the ultimate fun experience.

Tip: If you got a big family, you can try posing as Santa Claus and his reindeers for a hilarious photo op to remember.

The Christmas season is the perfect opportunity to bond with your family. As such, it’s best to capture and preserve these special moments through family photography.

Want to have keepsakes of your loved ones during this most wonderful time of the year? Look no further than I am Abi, a fine art photography studio in the Philippines. We specialize in family photography giving you treasured memories of the special bond you share with them. Contact us today for a free quotation!

Liked this article? Check our blog for more inspirations in family photography and other photography types as well.

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