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Baby photoshoots allow you to treasure the precious moments in the life of your child.

However, they come with a lot of challenges too. For one, your baby might not be able to hold his head up so it’s hard to find an appropriate and well-fitting pose. He is also more likely to get fussy during the photo session because of hunger, tiredness, or feelings of discomfort.

Fortunately, there are techniques that can help you and your baby get through the session minus the stress!

Here’s an ultimate guide to prepping your baby for a photoshoot, which includes essential tips and tricks for a successful newborn photography session as well as things to consider when choosing a newborn photographer.

Everything You Need to Know About Baby Photoshoot in the Philippines

The new addition of a baby to your family is one of the most important events in your life. As such, it’s a must to capture this precious moment through newborn photography so you can have keepsakes of your little one.

But before you book a session with newborn photographers, you should know several important things. Here’s everything you need to know about baby photoshoot from the challenges faced by parents to important tips and tricks which ensures the photo session’s success.


1. Baby is Uncooperative

As parents, you may find it difficult to keep your baby well-behaved and asleep throughout the photoshoot because the environment can overstimulate him.

This ultimately poses a challenge for the photographer as it can limit his creativity..

2. Baby Gets Hungry

Newborns tend to be hungry all the time to keep up with their growth spurt during the early months so expect him to fuss and crave for a feed.

3. Baby has Skin Problems

Your baby naturally experiences dry skin, blemishes, and rashes in their first weeks. Fortunately, these skin problems can be easily covered, provided that they don’t appear on the face.

4. Baby is Sick

The first few days of your newborn’s life is rarely easy. He might get suddenly sick and unable to do a baby photoshoot.

Furthermore, you have probably booked a session before giving birth only to realize that you’re already past your estimated due date.

Tip: Be flexible in your schedule to give time for your baby’s unexpected hospital visits and sickness.

5. Babies are Unpredictable

You really never know what’s going to happen next when you’re working with your baby.

Expect little “accidents” such as peeing (especially if you leave him on his bare bottom) and even pooping on you or the photographer during the photoshoot.

However, this kind of accidents makes for a hilarious photo opportunity which you can remember for many years to come.

9 Essential Baby Photoshoot Tips to Achieve Beautiful Images of Your Newborn

Fortunately, the challenges stated above can be resolved with proper solutions and preparation. Here are 9 essential baby photoshoot tips to achieve stunning images of your newborn.

1. Schedule Ahead of Time

The newborn photography session should ideally take place within the first two weeks after birth as this is the period when your baby is likely to sleep most of the time.

That’s why it’s a must to schedule your baby photoshoot ahead of time so you can find and book a photographer that is still available within those first two weeks.

Ultimately, you can ensure the photoshoot goes smoothly by scheduling ahead of time.

2. Keep Baby Warm

Keep your baby warm to ensure he stays comfortable throughout the session.

You can wrap him around in a cozy blanket or dress him with thick clothing. This ultimately makes him less likely to fuss.

Tip: It’s best to keep the temperature inside the room at around 28 Celsius.

3. Feed Baby Before Shoot

A baby’s stomach is naturally designed for small and frequent feedings so expect your baby to become hungry most of the time which can eventually lead to fussing and crying.

To avoid this, feed your baby before the photoshoot as he is more likely to behave well. He is also able to sleep quickly with a full stomach which makes it easier for you to arrange him in different poses.

4. Keep the Noise Down

Loud noises can overstimulate your baby and wake him up if he’s already sleeping. You should keep the noise level to a minimum during the baby photoshoot to ensure your infant stays calm and asleep.

Tip: Try playing white noise to help your baby sleep as he associates this sound with being inside his mom’s womb.

5. Give Baby Pacifier

When your baby is craving for breast milk, have a pacifier at hand as this can ease his condition and ultimately help him calm down.

6. Be Creative with Props

While the simplicity of a baby sleeping brings wonder to your photos, you can make the baby photoshoot even more interesting with props and accessories.

Incorporate different kinds of hats, toys, and family heirlooms (if you have one) to make the photography session fun for your baby.

Tip: Communicate your plan and ideas to your photographer prior to the shoot so he can give you advice on what will work best.

7. Get Your Baby’s Attention

If you want to keep your baby awake for the photography session, it’s essential to create a connection with your baby. Try talking to him and get him to look at you.

You can even produce funny sounds in order to make him laugh.

Ultimately, a baby that is at ease and comfortable with his surroundings translates well in the camera thus giving you natural-looking newborn portraits.

8. Get Involved in the Photoshoot

Be involved in the baby photography session as much as possible to make the experience enjoyable for your little one. Try posing with him to capture sweet and genuine moments which makes for beautiful candid shots.


f you have other children, you can also get them to join in the fun for a lovely family portrait.

9. Be Patient

Newborn photography sessions are usually 2 to 4 hours long, depending on your baby’s mood and willingness.

This is something you cannot predict so it’s important to be patient and soothe your baby as soon as he shows signs of crankiness.

If you get impatient due to the unpredictable nature of newborn photoshoots, your baby can actually pick up this frustration which makes him more likely to fuss so keep calm as much as possible.


Now that you’ve learned the tips for a successful baby photoshoot, your next step is to find a newborn photographer who can capture all the wonderful moments of your infant.

However, with so many photographers out there, it’s difficult to find the right one. To guide you, here are four factors to consider when choosing the right newborn photographer for your baby photoshoot.

1. Experience

Take the photographer’s level of experience into consideration when booking to avoid hiring inexperienced photographers. Consider these important aspects:

  • Years of experience as a newborn photographer

  • Number of babies he has handled over the years

  • Amount of photography training he has received

2. Style

With so many different styles of newborn photography, you should know which one you want to achieve in your baby photoshoot. Here are the two most common styles:

  • Posed newborn – This stylized session primarily focuses on your baby sleeping. The photographer adjusts your baby’s sleeping position accordingly in order to show all kinds of adorable poses, whether he is curled up or simply lying down on his back.

  • Lifestyle – This style captures a more relaxed vibe as it focuses on the loving connection that family members share with their new baby.

Choose a newborn photographer who specializes in the particular style you like to see in your images.

3. Budget

It’s important to know that the cost for baby photoshoots vary greatly. You should consider your location, the photographers’ experience, the kinds of equipment he uses, and the duration of the photoshoot.

Take note that a professional newborn photographer with insurance and lots of specialized training will be more expensive compared to amateur photographers.

You get what you pay for when booking a newborn photography session.

4. Safety

As parents, the safety of your baby is your number one priority when booking a newborn photographer. You should hire someone who knows how to handle and take care of your baby during the photoshoot.

Look for a photographer who has undergone safety and training certification programs to ensure your baby’s safety.

The arrival of a baby in your family is truly one of the most precious moments in your life and it’s important to preserve this through newborn photography. With these important guidelines about prepping your baby for a photoshoot, you can ultimately make the session enjoyable and safe for your baby.

Looking for a photographer who can capture this important event in your life? I am Abi is a fine art photography studio in the Philippines and newborn photography happen to be one of our specialties. Rest assured, we can properly handle and take care of your baby throughout the session as we are parents ourselves. You can also hire us for your family portraits in order to create keepsakes of the special bond you share with your family. Contact us today for a free quotation!Liked this post? Check our blog for more informative and inspiring articles about newborn photography.

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