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I am strong. I am invincible. I AM WOMAN.

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

“True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.” – Audrey Hepburn

It was a day overflowing with passion, art and beauty. Just in time for Women’s Month, The I am Abi Studio salutes the power of a woman. This is a third in a series of collaboration projects with other photographers.

This was a joint project with Roj Miguel, famed fashion photographer, and Job Dacon, master couturier.

This particular collaboration drew inspiration from Caravaggio’s mastery of chiasroscuro, “an effect of contrasted light and shadow created by light falling unevenly or from a particular direction on something” (Oxford Languages). The lighting produced a perfectly dramatic vibe. Photos look and feel like paintings! Thanks to the styling prowess of Ms. Abi Miguel of I am Abi Fine Art Photography, the whole studio came alive.

The shoot was made even more elegant with the participation of three beauty queens namely, Gianna Llanes, Denielle Magno and Shane Tormes. Don’t be fooled as behind these beautiful faces are strong, invincible women out to change the world. Each one championing their own advocacies…all meant to make the world a better place.

The Preparation

All that glitters is not gold (by Casa Morales)

The fun begins!

Job Dacon making sure each fold falls at the right place (assisted by Junesa Rendon)

The ladies enjoying themselves 🙂

Nothing is more beautiful and more powerful than a confident woman.

You can find more photos of the shoot in the respective social media accounts of our guests.

If you would like more information about our photography service as well as our full range of studio and printing services, please get in touch with us at 02.8585.5208 and 0910.6161.6178. Or send us an email at

We would like to thank the following people for making this collaboration a success:

Guest Photographers:

ROJ MIGUEL is an engineer but found his passion in fashion and commercial photography. His penchant for photography was simply inspired by his fascination of the shape of a woman…soft curves yet fierce angles. He is inspired by a number of international and local photographers mostly for their innovative style.

JUNESSA RENDON has become a regular collaborator of I am Abi. She is fashion, beauty and lifestyle photographer. Photography is an extension of herself, a medium to allow her creative voice shine through.

CHRIS SEE CASAS is part of the I am Abi team as head editor and more recently as an apprentice photographer of Ms Abi Miguel of I am Abi Fine Art Photography. She started with food and product photography and is now venturing into portraits.

Guest Fashion Designers:

JOB DACON, to say that he is passionate about his craft is an understatement. Hailing from Tondo, Manila, he has worked tirelessly day and night to produce fashion masterpieces. He is inspired by the elaborate patters and dark colors of Baroque fashion as the softness of fabric is juxtaposed by the structure of the design. His most famous creation is the terno worn by Nadine Lustre which bore the print of Juan Luna”s Spolarium, “…it (Spolariom) also conveys a strong message of freedom and the virtue of never kowtowing to tyranny…”

CASA MORALES is by painter and fashion designer, Ytal Morales. Her gowns are unconventional and her color palette goes beyond white but traverses into warm muted tones.

Guest Models:

GIANNA LLANES is our Ms. Philippines Earth Water 2020. She previously worked as MYX VJ, and a court side reporter and found a stronger voice in beauty pageantry for her advocacies like the Natural Disaster Risk Education. She eventually wants to go back to school and take up her Master Degree in Psychology at Harvard University.

DENIELLE MAGNO is set to represent the Philippines in Miss Tourism Pageant in Turkey. She is involved in Breaking Silence Movement – It is a movement that that fights against sexual and domestic abuse. She currently owns a cafe in Pangasinan wherein proceeds go directly to Haven for Women – DSWS Regional Centre.

SHANE TORMES is a runner up of Miss Philippines Earth Fire 2020. Her advocacy is sustainable eco-tourism – she wants to combine her passion for travelling and also explore the full potential of our environment without destroying it. In her years of being a beauty pageant participant one of things she learned is “Know your core. When you doubt yourself you can’t move forward.” Strong words, from a strong woman.

In-House Hair and Make-Up Artist

BOJANE BELTRAN is a self-taught HMU artist. While she has produced a wide variety of looks from the simple to the avant-garde, she is motivated by enhancing the natural beauty of her client – a better version of themselves. She works with o there creative artists who share the same passion. For this project she is supported by Ms. Arrianne Anova.






Photo credits: CHRIS SEE CASAS

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