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A Work of Art At Any Age

Society unfortunately has put a stigma on growing old. That our age defines or creates a ceiling on who we are and what we can do. On the contrary, however, it is in growing old that we gain more confidence to do what we want to do. To care less about what people think but to care more if it brings us joy.

Take for instance two of our clients who have recently celebrated their 60th birthday with us. They wanted a different way of commemorating this milestone. Rather than a get-together, a solo portrait photoshoot was their choice. It is something they both have not done before but thought that now is their time to shine.


A beautiful petite lady, Ms. Cindy wanted to surprise her family by celebrating her birthday with a photoshoot. She did her own research and found I am Abi Fine Art Photography online. "I love her photos and styling."

"This is something I wouldn't do. I'm a shy and simple person and I don't have the time. But if not now, kailan pa. This is a dream come true."

Her concept stems from her love of gardens and flowers. After the online consultation, Ms. Abi and the team were able to build the styling perfect for Ms. Cindy. The gowns she wore were elegant, classy, and dreamy. Reminiscent of a queen strolling in an enchanted forest.

"It's not too late to try something new. Even at 60, this is something new for me and I really enjoy it."


At 60 years young Ms. Tonet is full of life and energy. Solo portrait photography is her gift to herself. It took some self-convincing to get a photoshoot because she did not want the inconvenience of contacting a photographer and other various suppliers (i.e. hair and make-up artists, tailors, stylists, and different venues). It was her daughter who found us online and shared our photos with her. "I thought they only did pre-debut photoshoots. It was the first time for me to see fine art photography in The Philippines. It's in a studio and it's so convenient because you just go there and it's already set up. And then the make-up...the glam team is already there and then the wardrobe you can rent it from Abi." Ms. Tonet says.

Her concept was inspired by her love of houses, flowers, and the very popular 70's/80's TV Show, Little House on the Prairie. She grew up watching the show and almost 40 years since the show aired, she has followed the actors on their respective social media accounts as well as joined various fan groups of the show.

"...When I am wrinkled...I can look back and say at least I tried that. I experienced that once in my life." Ms. Tonet continues, "(I am) a star for a day. But that one day (photoshoot) will be immortalized by the the album."

Ms. Tonet adds, "You feel like a model. At dapat yung mga ibang matured women should experience that."

Don't be defined by age. Redefine it. Bask in the glory of growing older for with it is the privilege of growing wiser. Like Ms. Cindy and Ms. Tonet, use growing old as a springboard to discover and learn something new. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art."


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