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Thinking of how to make your beach photoshoot come together? You’ll need a creative concept. This will give you an idea of what exactly you’ll be doing during the shoot. It’ll also produce summery pictures that will look amazing in a gallery or a photo album!

To start you off, here are 9 great beach photoshoot ideas that you can try out yourself or use as inspiration.

9 Creative Beach Photoshoot Ideas

1. Leave Handprints in the Sand

Here’s a simple but cute idea for any pair of lovebirds. Each of you simply presses one open hand into the sand, leaving a handprint. Some couples press their left hands into the sand and then plant their rings or wedding bands on the prints’ ring fingers. Feel free to embellish the shot with your initials written in the sand nearby.

This can be easily adjusted for a family. Just leave some space between the parents’ hands for the little ones to make their prints.

2. Line Up Everyone’s Slippers

Need another simple but cute beach photoshoot idea? Take everyone’s beach slippers and arrange them on the sand. You and your family can be seated in the background if you want. The contrast of colors and sizes between parents’ and children’s slippers can make for an adorable summer-themed picture.

You can borrow this idea for a barkada shoot along the beach, too. Try arranging each pair of slippers with a trademark accessory, such as sunglasses or a waterproof watch. It’ll be much easier to tell which beach slippers belong to whom!

3. Whip Out the Sparklers

Planning to have a beach photoshoot just as the sun sinks over the horizon? Take some sparklers with you. Light them up, wade into the water until it’s up to your calves or knees, and pose away! This idea is great for any group, but it’s especially striking if the subjects are a bride and her bridesmaids in matching dresses.

4. Pose Beneath a Pier

If there’s a pier on your beach of choice and the tide is low enough to expose the shore underneath, you’re in luck! The pillars of the pier can be excellent frames for a beach photoshoot featuring one or two subjects.

5. Capture Silhouettes

Even with beach photoshoots, you can’t go wrong with silhouettes against a late afternoon sky! Combine this with a jump shot if you like. However, even subjects who are standing still can look striking with the setting sun behind them.

6. Get Adventurous

A beach is the perfect site for a treasure hunt. Prepare a hand-drawn map on crumpled, yellowish paper, and you’re all set for this photoshoot idea! You can either prepare dedicated toy swords and pirate hats beforehand, or pick up sticks along the shore and use them as makeshift props.

7. Play With Colors

Want your beach photoshoot pictures to really pop? Make sure your clothes and your props are in all the right colors. White, khaki, and pale blue are lovely for more formal shoots, while bright blues, yellows, and pinks can add a lot of energy. If you’re going with companions, you might want to coordinate your outfits!

8. Take a Dip

9. Tell a Story

With the right equipment, you can show your love for the water in your beach photoshoot! Underwater pictures of subjects swimming or snorkeling be both playful and otherworldly. Meanwhile, split-level shots can add incredible visual interest by showing action both above and below the surface of the water.

beach for example:

  • One shot of you and your friends laying out towels and umbrellas on the beach

  • One shot where you all charge into the water

  • At least one shot where some of you nibble on snacks, play volleyball, or build sandcastles while dripping wet

A final shot where you all sit on the shore and watch the sunset

Try out any of these 9 beach photoshoot concepts, and you’ll get sunny pictures with a unique and timeless charm! These pictures can look even more beautiful with the help of a professional photographer in the Philippines.

Why not book a photoshoot with us at I am Abi? Our team can grant you a premium photoshoot experience and put together a tailored concept for you. It also helps that movement portraits are one of our specialties, in case you want a dynamic beach photoshoot. Contact us today to find out more!

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