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Pregnancy might not be a completely comfortable phase for some expectant moms. And if you’re fully booked preparing for your little one’s grand entrance, a maternity photoshoot may be your least concern.

White it may be your least priority, this exciting phase is actually the perfect time to hire an experienced maternity photographer and pose for the camera!

Here are 5 reasons you should go for a maternity photoshoot, along with a few tips to get the most glamorous photos.

5 Reasons to Have a Maternity Photoshoot

1. Feel Absolutely Beautiful

Some women honestly struggle with health and body issues during pregnancy. However, a maternity photoshoot can bring out beauty that you didn’t expect was there! It can also help you embrace the changes in your body at this point in time, while you’re still carrying your little one within you.

TIP: Although you can have your photoshoot done anytime, it’s advisable to schedule it towards the end of your second trimester. That way, your baby bump will be big enough to flaunt, but you’ll still have the energy you need for the shoot.

2. Capture Fleeting Moments

Most mothers will only experience pregnancy a few times. Plus, a new baby will change your world in ways big and small. You might as well celebrate this fleeting phase with a maternity photoshoot! One day, you’ll be able to show these pictures to your children and let them see how you looked right before they entered the world.

3. Look Back

Bring your partner into the fun, and the maternity photoshoot will double as a time for the two of you to reminisce. And if this isn’t your first pregnancy, your older kids might have a bit of a throwback to their younger days themselves.

TIP: Try finding a location that’s both stunning on its own and special to you and your partner or family. It’ll add a layer of tenderness to the resulting pictures.

4. Bask in the Excitement

Believe it or not, you might find yourself wanting to relive the excitement of being an expectant mother. With a maternity photoshoot, you’ll have a snapshot not just of yourself but of your heightened emotions during that wondrous time.

5. Enjoy Yourself

Photoshoots can be loads of fun, and maternity photoshoots are no exception! Let your personality shine during your shoot.

Do you like dainty floral prints? Do you have a favorite song, restaurant, or even video game that you share with your partner? Are you a candid soul who wouldn’t mind being photographed in pajamas? Start from there and see where the shoot takes you. No one’s stopping you from completely owning your maternity photoshoot.

TIP: Have a professional do your hair and makeup for you to highlight your glow. This doubles as an excuse for some well-deserved pampering.

Thinking of going for that maternity photoshoot already? You’ll also want to find a photographer who both matches your style and has experience with maternity photography. That way, they’ll know what poses and creative ideas are most suitable for you and your bump!

One studio you’ll want to consider is I am Abi. Our fine art style of photography can easily transform you into a timeless work of art that your little ones will appreciate when they grow up. We can also help you out with your concept and production styling to perfectly capture your unique personality. Contact us today for a one-on-one consultation!

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