Maternity photoshoots are perfect for capturing an expectant mother’s delight at the child growing inside her. They’re also artistic celebrations of a woman’s strength, as well as her incredible power to give life.

Despite this, it might be hard for expectant moms in the Philippines to imagine themselves undertaking a maternity photoshoot. Pregnancy itself entails enough discomfort to make you want to stay at home or in bed. However, with these 12 lovely ideas for a maternity photoshoot in the Philippines, you’ll have the inspiration to go and get those creative pictures taken.

11 Lovely Ideas for a Maternity Photoshoot in the Philippines

1. Get Your Belly Painted

Believe it or not, the skin of your stomach can serve as a smooth canvas. Have an artist acquaintance or close friend paint a fanciful little mural on your belly, and then pose away.

Don’t worry about the brush tickling you too much. Some moms who’ve done this maternity photoshoot idea say that they actually fell asleep while their bellies were being painted!

2. Lounge in a Floral Milk Bath

Fill a bathtub with warm water, and then add powdered milk and starch. Once the bathtub is two-thirds full, climb in and get ready to pose for your maternity photoshoot! You can also add flowers to the bath, such as blooms from your wedding bouquet. The white milk will contrast nicely with your rosy skin while the flowers add accents of bright color.

3. Wear a Flower Crown

A dainty floral headdress can instantly give you a playful bohemian vibe. Pair it with a lace dress for some extra feminine charm. Honestly, though, a flower crown can work in combination with almost any maternity photoshoot idea!

4. Take to an Open Field

There’s just something captivating about open fields and the refreshing sense of freedom they add to maternity photoshoots in the Philippines. Plus, if your shoot is at the right time of day, you’ll be standing in golden sunlight and soft shadows.