It’s Not Just What You Do, It’s How You Do It!

We can spend our lives trying to recapture what we’ve lost. Or, we can use these new perspectives to guide us

By: Tessa Prieto-Valdes Inquirer Lifestyle / 02:53 AM June 08, 2021

Marla Tamayo, Ara Dabao, Vina Francisco, Sea Princess, Emilie Petrocelli, Shirley Daryanani, Rosette Benedicto, Jojo Ongsiako

Gown by Cherry Veric —ABI MIGUEL

The I Am Abi team: Bryan Termulo (videographer), Ace Herana (hair stylist), Sea Princess (wearing Cherry Veric), Bojane Beltran (makeup artist), Abi Miguel (creative director and head photographer), Roj Miguel (art director) and Liza Carandang (business development manager)

Parrot supplier Florante Gozon, Sea Princess and Francis Gozon

Gown by Rajo Laurel—ABI MIGUEL