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Canon Philippines...The Science Behind the Art: I am Abi

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Here at I am Abi, we go beyond taking photographs. We create wonderful works of art, with our clients as our inspiration. With this in mind, we take great pains in choosing a partner that will bring our art to life.

Prints give more depth and meaning to a photograph. Hung on your wall, displayed on your table, or on a shelf, a printed photo becomes a part of your daily life. A reminder of that one milestone...that one moment in time that would have been forever lost.

So we are overjoyed and proud to find a strong partner in Canon Philippines. Their imagePROGRAF Large Format Printing allows us to produce high-resolution prints in stunning detail. Prints to last for generations to come.

It's time to show your photographs. Get in touch with us now and make your art come to life.

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