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On May 7, 2019, Manila Bulletin’s Lifestyle section named fine art photographer Abigail Miguel as the Photographer of the Week. Its Picture Perfect column explored Ms. Abi’s background and distinctive style of photography, comparing her aesthetic to that of the Old Masters.

Manila Bulletin Article Places Spotlight on Abigail Miguel

“I did my own research and experimenting. By default, my young children were my frequent subjects,” Ms. Abi reveals in the article. The Manila Bulletin feature also highlights all the international affiliations and photography awards that she received despite being self-taught. These include a Licentiate distinction from the Master Photographers Association UK.

Later in the article, Ms. Abi’s fine art photography style is mentioned to be “reminiscent of the lighting of [Vermeer and Rembrandt] paintings.” Each of Ms. Abi’s photographs is meant to be a “treasured piece of family history” after all, as the article puts it.

Ms. Abi is the master photographer behind the professional photography studio I am Abi, based in Pasig. I am Abi specializes in fine art photography and movement portraits that can be framed and displayed as works of art. It offers a one-of-a-kind photoshoot experience, with Ms. Abi herself helping clients determine the perfect concept and stylistic choices to produce the best photographs.

Read the original Manila Bulletin article here.

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