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Sculptor Karen May Castrillo Villaseñor is GLAMOROSA.

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

”I want to be known as me.“

Hailing from a long line of artists, the challenge is understandable. The Castrillo family has built some of the countries famous sculptures like the People Power Monument (1993), Andres Bonifacio shrine (1988), and Rajah Sulayman (1976), to name a few. Mr. Amado Castrillo, her grandfather, is a great writer, illustrator and sculptor. Her father, Mr. Ronald Castrillo is a well-known Filipino Postwar and Contemporary Sculptor and considered to be one of the premier sculptors of his time. After years of being in the shadow of the important men in her life, Karen May Castrillo Villaseñor, is ready to face the world head on. It is her time to shine.

While Karen’s initial career path was far from art, the calling to delve into the world of sculpting was just too strong. From managing and marketing her Dad’s work, to collaborating with him and now, to having her own show. She truly has come a long way.

Her first solo exhibit, Glamorosa, pays homage to the strength of the human spirit. That in our humblest of situations we continue to take pride in what we do. It also celebrates Filipino culture, citing famous everyday scenes like the magtataho, mangingisda and the sorbetero.

She continues to work with the same kind of materials her father uses like brass and stainless steel. However, to make these beautiful works of art her own, Karen is adding copper to the mix as copper symbolizes femininity. “Copper being an extremely good conductor, it is a reflection of my art pieces that are able to adapt in every situation in their best way. It is unique in such a way that it is not just used as it is, but bent and welded together despite their different characteristics to become one masterpiece.”

One part of Karen’s journey to being glamorously herself, was a photoshoot highlighting the beauty and grace of being a woman. The studio was with filled a wide variety of flowers in all shades of pink! Adding some fairy wings and pixie dust, and voila! Karen was ready to fly! It was truly a debut of many sorts!

Catch Karen’s first solo exhibit, Glamorosa, at the Shangri-la Plaza Grand Atrium from March 1 to 8, and at the East Atrium from March 9 to 19. Perfect time to celebrate and support Women’s Month.

She is strong and soft

She is fierce and fragile

She is a realist and a dreamer


Photographer and Creative Director: Abigail Miguel of I am Abi Fine Art Photography

Videographer: Bryan Termulo of Bryter Events

Make-Up Artist: Bojane Beltran

Hair Stylist: Sarah Monteza

Production Designer: Joseph Coo Baluyot

Production Assistant: John Carlo Moulic

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