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It may seem old-fashioned to print fine art photographs in a tech-savvy world that takes more than 1 trillion new photos a year. Most of these photos remain as soft copies, whether in digital storage or on Facebook and Instagram.

Yet in an interesting twist, the art of printing is flourishing thanks to technological advancements and a greater focus on quality over quantity. It also remains surprisingly important despite the rise of digital media! Here are 3 key reasons for this.

3 Reasons the Art of Printing Continues to Be Important Today

1. Prints are Tangible

Soft copies do allow you to zoom in, but aside from that, they remain as pixels on a screen. They’re also easy to misplace, like if the photo is lost in your newsfeed or buried in your phone gallery. This can be a problem if the photo in question is a precious family portrait or a maternity picture!

On the other hand, a printed fine art photo can simply sit on a shelf for you to pick up and show it to your loved ones. You can also easily take the print with you should you move houses, creating a bridge from one home to the next. And there’s no denying the nostalgic feeling of pulling out an old photo album and turning the pages.

2. Prints Can Survive Even Without Technology

It’s far too common to delete an irreplaceable photo off your phone by accident. You may have also tried checking Facebook or Instagram for a certain photo, only to find that your Internet access is down. At first, you might think of solving these problems with archival technology like discs and hard drives. However, CDs and DVDs don’t actually last forever, and cables continue to upgrade from Type A to Type C to Thunderbolt and beyond. How can you be sure that the device holding your digital prints won’t be obsolete by tomorrow?

Meanwhile, a fine art photo print just needs a frame or an album. If the power goes out, you can still view your prints without a problem.

3. Prints Can Inspire Emotion

Ever visited an art museum and gone right up to a huge painting? The details of a sweeping masterpiece can be downright mesmerizing up close. You may also feel a sense of awe from looking up at a work of art, compared to viewing the same work on your phone. If you’re really moved by the painting, you may even start to have tears in your eyes.

This can certainly apply to fine art photos made into high-quality prints. Have your fine art photographs printed in a large format, and you’ll easily notice countless details that you would’ve missed otherwise. You can also feel a certain satisfaction that you won’t get from viewing your photo on a pocket-sized screen.

Finally, the print itself serves as a reminder of a certain emotion or family milestone summed up in a photoshoot. And you can share those emotions with your loved ones simply by allowing them to look at the same printed photo.

With these 3 reasons, you’ll want to invest in fine art prints the next time you have a photoshoot!

One photography studio that specializes in the art of printing is I am Abi. Our collections are carefully planned out to showcase the beauty of your fine art photographs. We also offer canvas prints and high resolution fine art digital files for the most discerning clients. Contact us for more details!

Visit our blog regularly for insightful articles on fine art photography.

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