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For many, the role of moms go beyond parenting. She could be your teacher, mentor or the best friend who wouldn’t mind lending you a shoulder to cry on. At times when you need support, no doubt she’ll prove to be your greatest fan.

Moms indeed fulfil numerous roles in our lives. While there’s no amount of effort that can ever fully repay a mother for her love and sacrifice, it will truly warm her heart if you can show how much she is loved especially on Mother’s Day.

Think your ideas are not good enough for someone so great? Here’s a guide to help you celebrate Mother’s Day in the Philippines, complete with a brief background on how it all started.


In 1908, Anna Jarvis held a memorial service for her deceased mother, a peace activist who tended to wounded soldiers on both sides of the American Civil War. The memorial service became the very first Mother’s Day celebration. Jarvis also had 500 carnations delivered to the St. Andrew’s Methodist Episcopal Church. Every mom in the congregation received a carnation, which resulted in the flower becoming closely associated with Mother’s Day. By 1911, Mother’s Day had reached all 50 states of the USA. Finally, in 1914, then-president Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the 2nd Sunday of May as Mother’s Day, which soon spread to other countries.


Like in the States, the Philippines and most parts of the world celebrate Mother’s Day on the 2nd Sunday of May. It’s worth noting that some countries have different dates for their own Mother’s Days, however. Here are a few examples:

· March 21, the first day of spring, in several Arab countries

· August 21, the birthday of Queen Sirikit, in Thailand

· May 10 in Mexico

· 4th Sunday of May in France

· Mothering Sunday, 4th Sunday of Lent, in the United Kingdom

Aside from this, the date of Mother’s Day in the Philippines has its own interesting backstory. The occasion originally fell on the 1st Monday of December, as suggested by the Ilocos Norte Federation of Women’s Clubs in 1921. Later on, late president Corazon Aquino moved Mother’s Day to the 2nd Sunday of May and Father’s Day to the 3rd Sunday of June. Former president Joseph Estrada then moved both holidays back to the 1st Monday of December.

Despite this, many families in the Philippines continue to celebrate Mother’s Day on the 2nd Sunday of May.

After celebrating Mother’s Day countless times, you might be wondering what to do for Mom when May comes around. Fortunately, there are many fun ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in the Philippines! Here are 15 suggestions for you to choose from.

16 Ideas for Celebrating Mother’s Day in the Philippines

Image Source: Amazing Wallpapers

1. Serve Mom’s Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed is a classic Mother’s Day idea, prioritizing Mom’s comfort and convenience over anything else. Don’t settle for something easy and readily available, though, unless Mom really does like bacon and eggs. If she loves garlic rice, get ready to whip up some of the best sinangag in the Philippines. If she likes daing or Vigan longganisa, you’d better go and find it!

2. Wait on Her Majesty

Mother’s Day is the perfect chance to shower Mom with tons of attention. This includes playing servant and attending to her every need as if she were the Queen of the Philippines. You may follow her around while fanning her or carrying a glass of water for her to drink from.

A cute crown or tiara on Mom’s head is a nice touch. Also, there is a chance that Dad may start to snap pictures and take videos out of sheer amusement.

3. Fancy Restaurant Hopping

All right, you’ll need to save up for this idea. It’s the least you can do after your parents have spent so much on you, though! It also helps if you’ve booked reservations. Take Mom to a memorable restaurant, such as if she and Dad took you somewhere on the day of your graduation.

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4. Book a Staycation

Let Mom take a break from housework and get SVIP treatment by booking a family staycation at a premier hotel in the Philippines. No worrying about chores here, because the hotel will have it all covered! Be ready to take a lot of pictures for Mom to send to her kumares.

Image Source: Pixabay

5. Bring Mom to the Spa

Another timeless Mother’s Day idea is to take Mom to the spa. If you can, get her the most luxurious package available. She deserves it, especially after putting up with you through your more rebellious years.

6. Go on a Shopping Spree

Ever since your childhood, Mom has most likely bought more clothes and gifts for you than she has for herself. So, why not take her out on a shopping spree this Mother’s Day? You can bring her to any mall in the Philippines, but depending on her tastes, even a trip to Divisoria might do.

7. Buy Personalized Jewelry or Accessories

Aside from being classic gifts by themselves, bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories are easily customizable for the gifted. Surprise Mom with a piece of jewelry bearing the birthstones or engraved names of her children. She might end up wearing your gift wherever she goes!

Image Source: Pixibay

8. Sip on Some Luxurious Tea

Let Mom try out some world-class tea at one of TWG Tea Salons’ branches in the Philippines. Part of the fun here is helping Mom find her favorite blend out of hundreds of available varieties! As a bonus, whenever she makes some tea for herself months after Mother’s Day, she’ll remember you.

TWG Tea Salon has branches in Greenbelt 5, Shangri-La, Central Square, Okada, and Ayala Center Cebu. Find out more by visiting TWG Tea Salon’s website.

Image Source: Abs-Cbn

9. Have a Sweet Day

Make your Mother’s Day extra-sweet with a tour through the Dessert Museum. Feast your eyes on its 8 mouth-watering exhibits full of photo-worthy sights. Do your best to take more pictures of Mom than of yourself.

The Dessert Museum is located along Seaside Boulevard, Coral Way, Pasay. It is open from 10AM to 10PM. Tickets cost P799 for walk-ins, though you can also purchase tickets through their website for P699.

Contact the Dessert Museum at (02) 838-7927 for more details.

Here’s another sweet Mother’s Day idea: grab the best halo-halo you can find. May isn’t the coolest month of the year in the Philippines, after all.

Remember, you’re looking for the halo-halo that Mom likes best. You can end up either in her favorite restaurant or at a roadside stand Mom frequented in her childhood. And speaking of childhood…

11. Go on a Day Trip to Mom’s Hometown

Mom has her own share of childhood memories, too. You can surprise her with a trip to her hometown on Mother’s Day! If you haven’t been there in a while, expect to be introduced to a lot of her old neighbors. Pay special attention whenever Mom starts to tell a story from her younger days. Also, take a lot of pictures so that Mom will have keepsakes when you all head back to the city.

Is Mom’s hometown a bit far? Bring her somewhere she finds memorable. For one, try asking if she remembers where she had her first date with Dad.

12. Head to a Beach

Usually, whenever the family heads out to the beach, the kids have the most fun while the parents watch over them. Turn that around this Mother’s Day and let Mom relax and enjoy herself for once. Build sandcastles with her, walk along the shore, or just lounge on the sand as she wishes. Expect crowds if you head to a popular beach, as it’s a Sunday after all. If you’re lucky, though, you might stumble across one of the Philippines’ quieter patch of shoreline.

13. Get an Adrenaline Rush

A round of ziplining, wall climbing, or any exciting sport in the Philippines can make this Mother’s Day one for the books. You’ll be surprised at how much energy and courage Mom has. Who knows, she might even outdo you!

14. Learn Ballroom Dancing

Want to learn something new with Mom? Give ballroom dancing a spin. Just drop by a restaurant or lounge in Manila that offers ballroom nights, such as Savannah Moon in Bagumbayan, Quezon City. Look out for friendly dance instructors who’ll show you and Mom how to waltz. You can also have Mom teach you herself if she knows her social dances, from the foxtrot to the samba!

Image Source: Culinary Local

15. Host a Family Reunion

Multiply the Mother’s Day fun by getting in touch with your cousins and celebrating together! Take care of the food and logistics so that your moms don’t worry about a thing. Bonus points if you manage to pull this off without Mom or the titas finding out before the day itself. And whatever you do, when your moms start chatting with each other during the reunion, do not disturb them.

16. Schedule a Mother’s Day Photoshoot

Cap off a lovely Mother’s Day with a creative photoshoot. This idea gives Mom an excuse to wear her favorite styles, strike her favorite poses, and unleash her inner model. Try to get the rest of the family involved, too.

One photographer worth considering for this is I am Abi, which specializes in fine art photography. With expert concept creation and hand-painted backdrops, you’ll be taking home portraits that look like paintings worth putting on display! On top of that, I am Abi is also offering awesome Mother’s Day promos. Contact us today to find out more.

Admittedly, you can’t completely make up for the sleepless nights and hard times Mom experienced when you were a kid. But, at the very least, you can tell Mom how much you appreciate her sacrifice and give her a Mother’s Day treat.

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