Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life. And it’s a must that you find the right wedding photographer to capture your special day. However, with so many photographers in the market, it is difficult to know who to hire.

Do you want to make sure you only have the best wedding photos on your wedding day? Here’s a list that features 12 of the best wedding photographers in the Philippines to help you preserve special moments from your big day.

Top 12 Wedding Photographers in the Philippines

1. Metrophoto

Metrophoto is headed by photographer Oly Ruiz. Their wedding photographs are popular among young couples because of their unique style. Through the use of tantalizing backdrops, they can perfectly capture the essence of young love and create a modern indie love story. Expect shots that are both stylish and edgy with an amount of drama and perfect use of vignettes.

Among their many clients are celebrity couple Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia-Crawford.

2. I am Abi

I am Abi comes from humble beginnings. What started as a hobby for Abigail has turned to a fulfilling career.

I am Abi specializes not only in fine art photography but also in weddings. She believes in the importance of preserving priceless moments through the use of different lenses.

Abigail carefully chooses only the best and unique images that showcase your wedding as a work of art. This is perfectly in line with her tagline: “You are your own work of Art.” And with a hands-on approach, I am Abi takes pride in offering one-of-a-kind experience for your special day.

Furthermore, she is affiliated with many international organizations such as the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) and has won numerous awards over the years. Expect only the best and top-notch images from her!