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Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life. And it’s a must that you find the right wedding photographer to capture your special day. However, with so many photographers in the market, it is difficult to know who to hire.

Do you want to make sure you only have the best wedding photos on your wedding day? Here’s a list that features 12 of the best wedding photographers in the Philippines to help you preserve special moments from your big day.

Top 12 Wedding Photographers in the Philippines

1. Metrophoto

Metrophoto is headed by photographer Oly Ruiz. Their wedding photographs are popular among young couples because of their unique style. Through the use of tantalizing backdrops, they can perfectly capture the essence of young love and create a modern indie love story. Expect shots that are both stylish and edgy with an amount of drama and perfect use of vignettes.

Among their many clients are celebrity couple Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia-Crawford.

2. I am Abi

I am Abi comes from humble beginnings. What started as a hobby for Abigail has turned to a fulfilling career.

I am Abi specializes not only in fine art photography but also in weddings. She believes in the importance of preserving priceless moments through the use of different lenses.

Abigail carefully chooses only the best and unique images that showcase your wedding as a work of art. This is perfectly in line with her tagline: “You are your own work of Art.” And with a hands-on approach, I am Abi takes pride in offering one-of-a-kind experience for your special day.

Furthermore, she is affiliated with many international organizations such as the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) and has won numerous awards over the years. Expect only the best and top-notch images from her!

3. Nice Print Photo

Nice Print Photo is the perfect choice for those couples who want to tell a classic tale of love. Their wedding photography style is simple but elegant. However, they can still offer different looks that fit you the best ⁠— be it dramatic or quirky. They’re also a favorite among celebrities! For one, they photographed Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera’s wedding.

One con though is they let freelancers handle other events. This can affect the end result and might not have that typical Nice Print Photo look. Of course, they do properly filter freelance hires.

4. Pat Dy

Pat Dy is a really popular wedding photographer thanks to his numerous working experience with celebrities. This veteran photographer’s style is very elegant and sophisticated. He can capture stunning moments with beautiful, detailed backgrounds. More than just an image, he can perfectly show the emotions of his clients with every click of the camera.

5. Nelwin Uy

Nelwin Uy is popular for his destination wedding photography and engagement sessions. He is versatile and has a keen eye for details which creatively showcases the scenic venues of the weddings he handles. And by using his signature style, he tells an engaging story making his clients want to travel and see those places for themselves.

The usage of interesting backgrounds with distinctive lighting ultimately result in timeless wedding images that speak for themselves.

6. Paul Vincent

Paul Vincent Photography believes everyone should be reminded of how it feels it to be in love through photos. His specialty lies in his ability to capture precious moments during a wedding which cannot be staged. But he is also a whiz in taking posed and well-styled portraits.

The team works with the tagline “Heart. Soul. Art.” and this truly shows in each and every one of their photographs!

7. Benjie Tiongco

Benjie Tiongco not only photographs specific poses, but also capture all the love and emotion found in a wedding. His team creates photos that use editorial style poses for both the bride and groom. This makes the images look classy and elegant. Apart from the people and emotion, he also uses various elements found in the shoot. And with the use of good angles, he can make each scene look different than the previous one.

8. Lito Sy

With over 27 years in the industry, Lito Sy’s wedding photography is a perfect mix of artistry and storytelling. His photos are known for its luxurious, spontaneous and elegant approach.

He is able to transform his client’s most precious moments into timeless works of art.

His team also share the same amount of passion, vision, and dedication to create exceptional wedding images.

9. RV Mitra

RV Mitra’s wedding portfolio is filled with cinematic and dramatic images. Through the use of emotion-filled photographs, he can share real love stories. He has a trained eye for beauty which makes him especially good not only in an actual wedding but also in bridal portraits.

RV loves the power of being able to freeze time with this camera as he can capture all the precious moments during a wedding. Through this, he can immortalize the couple’s most blooming time.

10. Toto Villaruel

Toto Villaruel believes that less is more and this translates in his passion for wedding photography.

Toto likes to keep the shooting environment fun and spontaneous for the groom and bride in order to capture their real moments. His wedding photographs are simple and natural which ultimately manifests the innate beauty of the couple in their big day.

11. Jaja Samaniego

Jaja Samaniego is known for her stunning and elegant wedding photographs. She likes to capture the groom and bride in their most natural, unpretentious disposition.

Jaja has also mastered “sunny from within” portraits which radiate the warmth and happiness found within her subjects. In this way, she can ultimately bring out the glowing nature and beauty of the bride.

Featured in numerous international and local wedding blogs such as Metro Weddings Magazine and Martha Stewart Weddings, Jaja is a top-notch wedding photographer who can preserve your special day through naturally gorgeous pictures.

12. Shutter Fairy

Shutter Fairy started as a hobby for owner Mai when she was pursuing her nursing degree. Today, her hobby has already come to fruition. She can capture any wedding with her signature classic and elegant style.

Mai sees life in pictures and looks for the tender moments people often take for granted. This philosophy of her makes her a great wedding photographer.

Your wedding day is truly one of the most important events in your life. It’s a must to find the best wedding photographer well suited for your style and preference to perfectly capture this special day.

Interested in choosing I am Abi as your wedding photographer? Contact us for a free quotation!

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