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Are you looking forward to your very first family photoshoot? Before finding the perfect photoshoot venue or booking a professional photographer like I am Abi, you’ll want to settle on a theme. After all, you want this first photoshoot to truly be one for the books!

A classic photoshoot theme can transform your family portraits into works of art that you’ll enjoy showing to friends and loved ones. It helps if you settle on a theme that matches your family’s personality, too! To start you off, here are 8 timeless family photoshoot themes for you to choose from.

8 Classic Themes for Your Family Photoshoot

1. Day at the Beach

A seaside family photoshoot can look cheerful in full sunlight, or more relaxed under the orange sky of a late afternoon. This is a great chance for taking iconic pictures of everyone walking along the shore together. Fun alternatives include running or walking in ankle-deep waves. Beaches are classic backdrops for jumpshots, too!

2. Follow the Leader

Is there someone in the family who’s just learned how to walk? Let them wobble around while leading the parents by the hand. The parents will hold on to these photos because these years can pass so quickly!

3. Family Sandwich

A “family sandwich” is a shot where everyone’s smiling faces are lined up cheek-to-cheek. You’ll all have your arms wrapped around each other, naturally. This theme can work with any number of kids and for family members of all ages.

4. Playtime

Try showing off your wacky side during the photoshoot! Feel free to bring out the toys or even bring the family pet into the shot. Have little kids walk between parents’ legs for a laugh.

5. Keeping It Candid

While many family photoshoots have everyone looking prim and proper, photoshoots can also capture the energy and disorder of daily life. Get a picture of everyone eating breakfast on a Monday, for example. Or take a snapshot of what everyone often does right before bedtime

6. Retro

Here’s a photoshoot theme that doubles as a blast to the past! Dress everyone up in outfits from the 50s or 60s and head to an old-fashioned barbershop, an ice cream shop, or a nearby park. You’ll end up with timeless pictures that even the grandparents will enjoy looking at.

7. Costume Party

Have a bunch of superhero-themed shirts at home? Layer them with button-ups and then have everyone do the Superman-revealing-his-costume pose. Or, if you have the budget, get the family to dress up as movie characters. Don’t be afraid to play a little make-believe with the kids in front of the camera for this one.

8. Before and After

This funny family photoshoot idea has become popular in recent years. All you need to do is dig up an old photo and recreate it to the best of your family’s ability. For best results, use the funniest pictures you can find. Then, hang the “before” and “after” shots side by side for some hearty laughs!

Want your family photoshoot in the Philippines to look absolutely timeless? Be sure to schedule your shoot with fine art photography studio I am Abi! Family photoshoots happen to be one of our specialties. Aside from helping you out with your hair, makeup, and wardrobe, we can grant a memorable photoshoot experience for you and your family. Contact us today!

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