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The new year brings about another set of photography trends that will further diversify this growing industry. With new technology released yearly and styles and aesthetics coming forward, this 2020 will be filled with more digitally impressive works of art.

Looking forward to what’s up ahead in the world of photography? Then check out the rising trends to expect this new year.


1. Fine Art Wedding Photography

A lot more couples that plan to tie the knot have been looking for something special in their wedding photographs beyond the conventional wedding photography style. That is why fine art photography has been rising to popularity in 2020.

Fine art photographers have the ability to transport wedding photographs to new heights, elevating the blissful and magical feeling of the happy couple’s special day. This aesthetic has no set standards as it varies from one photographer to another. Couples often gravitate to fine art photography because of this uniqueness factor.

2. Vertical Photography

While it is quite unusual to consider an orientation as a photography trend, it is certainly a telltale sign of the times. With “Phonetography” (Phone Photography) taking over the industry, this orientation has risen to popularity because of social media platforms that prefer it.

As camera phones get better in quality, more and more astounding photographs appear online. Mobile photography is something anyone could give a go at, which may just make DSLRs more obsolete in the future.

3. 360 Degree Photography

The wonders of technology and editing have made it possible for photographers to capture certain subjects and distorting them to create a completely new world. 360-degree photography is a prime example of this.

This style captures the surroundings of the photographer completely in a full 360-degree turnaround and connecting almost seamlessly. While this kind of technique is not relatively new to the photography scene, it has been growing much more popular recently because people have been finding ways to really make it their own. It has become most popular with photographers that travel often.

4. Film Photography

Presets or filters just can’t capture the real antique and warm colors that an actual film camera is capable of taking. With more and more film cameras being produced and sold by curious film photographers out there, it looks like this trend won’t be going away for some time.

The charm of film photography does not lie solely on the final product itself. It’s the entire process that seems to charm photographers in this medium. From taking the photo to having it developed, and then producing a digital copy of it makes the final product seem all the more special.

5. Minimalist Photography

There was once a time where the latest photography trend was having multiple elements to keep the photograph interesting. Now, minimalist photography is challenging that notion. This photography style takes the “less is more” mantra to heart with only one to two visual elements in the frame.

This aesthetic highlights the simplistic nature of subjects by putting them against plain backgrounds. This style of photography often produces calm photos with less “distraction,” putting the focus on one element alone.

Trends may or may not stick around for too long, though they can set the standard or provide inspiration in the photography world. And with a new wave of them coming along your way, expect the world of photography to be taken to newer and greater heights.

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