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The Holiday season is when people start celebrating the festivities and decorating their place up in preparation for Christmas. This is also the perfect time to bond with your family and friends and capture special moments with them through a Christmas photoshoot.

However, if you want to make the experience more fun and enjoyable for everyone, consider incorporating photoshoot props. They can even enhance the specific look you’re going for, resulting in great Holiday photographs.

Need inspiration? Here’s a list of Christmas props you can use for your creative Holiday shoot.

25 Christmas Props for Festive Holiday Photos

1. Christmas Tree

The Holiday season would not be as festive if there wasn’t any Christmas tree to light up homes and streets. As such, it’s also the perfect Christmas prop to integrate into your Holiday photoshoots.

Whether you’re going for a candid family portrait or a sweet prenup shoot, you can rely on Christmas trees to bring out a distinct look to your images.

Did You Know? The tallest Christmas tree is located in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil at a height of 278 feet. It also floats in the middle of a lagoon in the city, making it a completely unique Christmas decoration.

2. Snow

For most countries, the fall of the first snowflake marks the start of the Holiday season.

In order to capture memorable and extremely fun keepsakes during Christmas, you can play with snow and even create a snowman or a snow angel out of it.

Live in a country that doesn’t experience snow? No worries as you can actually make artificial snow using common household items.

3. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights add immediate interest to your Christmas images because of the depth of field and beautiful silhouette it brings. But beyond the typical usage as a backdrop, you can also try wrapping these lights around yourself to achieve a magical look.

Tip: You can find these special lights at an array of colors, ranging from golden yellow to neon blue.

4. Wreath

Using wreaths, or Christmas garlands, in your Christmas photoshoots is actually a creative way to frame your subject. You can simply hold them up in your face for adult portraits. You can also opt to lay them down on the floor together with other props to achieve adorable newborn images. After all, overhead “flatlay” photos are always in trend.

5. Mistletoe

A popular Christmas custom states that when you stand under a mistletoe, you should kiss the person closest to you. As such, this Christmas prop perfectly fits couples who want to create keepsakes of their romance tale.

You can incorporate it into your prenup photoshoot if you’re planning to tie the knot during the Holidays. You can also use it as a recurring theme in your anniversary images.

Did You Know? The tradition of kissing under the mistletoe started in Ancient Greece as the plant is strongly associated with fertility.

6. Presents

Besides one’s birthday, Christmas is another day when you expect a special gift from your loved ones. And while it’s exciting to open your presents immediately after receiving them, try waiting for a little bit and pose for the camera first, using it as your Christmas prop. This lets you capture the special feelings you have experienced just before opening that highly-anticipated Holiday gifts.

Tip: If you want a fun and quirky way to use presents as a Christmas prop, try wearing a life-sized gift box throughout the photo session and “stack” yourselves on top of one another.

7. Christmas Toys

Toys such as the nutcracker, dolls, stuffed toys, and more make great Christmas props for your child’s Holiday photo session.

Try including them in the studio or in your home in order to capture candid, natural movements of your little one. This ultimately allows you to treasure the fun moments he experienced while playing with his toys during Christmas.

8. Candy Canes

If you want to have keepsakes of your little one through children photography but he can’t be bothered by toys, try bribing him with another child-favorite—candy.

Choose Holiday-themed candies like candy canes and peppermints and incorporate it into the photoshoot to elicit a natural response from him. And since these types of candies are colorful, you can also count on them to add interest to your child’s portraits.

9. Milk and Cookies

For the absolute foodie, the Holidays are all about the delicious food you can eat. And in order to show off this big personality of yours, it’s also a must to incorporate them as Christmas props for your photoshoots.

Try preparing a glass of milk and several cookies and incorporate them into your Holiday shoot. After all, they are staples during Christmas Eve where children leave them in exchange for gifts overnight.

10. A Cup of Coffee

A little bit too old to enjoy sweet milk and cookies? You can always opt for a cup of coffee.

This simple Christmas prop brings an instant cozy and “homey” vibe to your Holiday pictures.

11. Storybook

If you’ve always liked reading stories, you can try using books for your photoshoot. It’s a great

Christmas prop that allows the photographer to capture the solemn and peaceful moments you have with yourself.

12. Blanket

For the most part (in countries located in the Northern Hemisphere), the Christmas season is synonymous with cold weather.

So if you plan to take your photos indoors, consider propping on a blanket and simply striking a smile for the camera. This ultimately results in natural-looking portraits of yourself while still showing off a festive Christmas spirit.

Tip: You can actually combine a cup of coffee, a novel, and a blanket in your Christmas photoshoots for the ultimate “home-like” experience.

13. Candles

Want to achieve an intimate look in your Holiday portraits? Use candles as your Christmas prop, place them in a dark room, then simply look at them. The illuminating effect that it can bring to your eyes would be extremely unique.

14. Santa Hat

Spark your inner Santa Claus by wearing his famous hat in your Holiday photoshoots. And if you have kids, you can even wear his whole outfit to make their childhood dreams come true by letting them meet Santa. It’s a must to capture their heartwarming reactions through children photography.

Overall, this Christmas prop ultimately gives off a festive vibe in your portraits.

15. Reindeer Antlers

Reindeer antlers are also great Christmas props. Perfect for large families, the head of the family can actually wear a Santa Claus hat while the children can don reindeer antlers. This ultimately makes for a fun family photoshoot theme.

16. Sleigh

If you opt to choose a Santa-themed Christmas photoshoot, you can complete the setting by adding a sleigh.

To achieve this creative Holiday look, you can have your images taken by professional photography studios like I am Abi, who can do the actual production styling for you. Or if you enjoy DIYs, you can also choose to make a Santa sleigh by only using materials from scratch.

This would be a fun activity to do with your kids.

17. Beanies

Wearing winter hats like beanies are also acceptable for your Holiday photoshoot. With them, you can show off the cold weather during Christmas while still looking adorable in pictures.

18. Scarf

Scarves are another must-have Christmas prop in your Holiday shoot. Not only do they allow you to look cozy but they also add an interesting texture to your images.

19. Fur Clothing

Like scarves, fur clothing such as coats or jackets keep you warm and toasty and also enhances your overall look in Christmas portraits.

20. Angel Wings

Little angel wings are cute additions to your child’s Holiday photoshoot. And by giving her this accessory, you can expect her to feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera, ultimately resulting in natural-looking portraits.

21. Socks

Donning socks with cute, colorful patterns are actually common looks in every Holiday photoshoot. As such, it’s also a must to incorporate this Christmas prop in your very own photo op.

You can try various poses with them, from simply showing off your socks-clad legs to trying out complicated stretches or ballet moves. You can also use them as backdrops to add immediate interest to your Christmas photos.

22. Boots

Boots, especially those made with wool, look absolutely adorable in anyone’s feet—even more so when worn by babies. This not only translates well in real-life but also in front of the camera.

Overall, it allows you to look cozy and comfortable despite the cold weather the Christmas season brings.

23. Glitter

Add even more magic to the most wonderful time of the year by incorporating glitters in your Holiday photoshoots. Doing so lets you achieve a sparkling and magical look befitting for the Christmas season.

Tip: You can also buy outfits with glitter if you want to go for a glamorous, formal Christmas portrait shot.

24. Confetti

Christmas is the season when many people throw out parties. And while it’s recommended to snap away at the candid moments of your guests, you can liven up the atmosphere by incorporating confetti's in your photoshoots.

They can excite and hype up your visitors (specifically kids) which results in genuine facial reactions that translates well in Christmas photos. Furthermore, they look absolutely good in camera especially when the photographer uses the appropriate shutter speed.

25. Balloons

However, if you’re not a fan of confetti's, you can always opt for something simpler in your Christmas parties.

Try incorporating balloons in your Holiday photoshoot to add a unique mood to your images. For a birthday bash during the Christmas season, choose various colorful balloons (preferably in hues of reds and greens) to spark a festive feeling. You can also solely use red ones to achieve a romantic yet innocent aura to your prenup or wedding photographs.

Holiday photoshoots allow you to capture tender moments with your loved ones during this special season. But if you really want to maximize the experience and make it absolutely fun for everyone involved, you can use these Christmas props for a Holiday to remember.

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