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I am Abi Offers a Special Christmas Promo


Let's celebrate the season with a photo shoot with your family, friends and even your furry friends.

I am Abi is offering a mini-photo shoot at a very special price of Php7,500 per product styling.

What's Included in the Christmas Photoshoot Package:

  • 5 pieces I am Abi curated fine arts digital photos.

  • Production styling (Choices: Storybook Christmas, Fairytale Winter and Starry Dream)

NOTE: The shoot dates of those who availed our Christmas Photoshoot package will be scheduled from Nov. 15,16,17/ 22,23,24 / 29, 30, and Dec. 1.

Optional Services you can avail for the ultimate Christmas Photoshoot Experience.

Additional Production Styling

  • Choice of 2 backdrops: Php 5,000 (1 hour photoshoot time)

  • Choice of 3 backdrops: Php 11,000 (2 hours photoshoot time)

Additional Hair and Makeup (For Females only)

  • · Choice of 1 look:

-13 years old and above: Php 1,900

- 9 to 12 years old Php 1,500

- 5 to 8 years old Php 800

  • · Choice of 2 look:

- 13 years old and above: Php 2,700

- 9 to 12 years old Php 2000

- 5 to 8 years old Php 1,300

Additional Wardrobe

  • · Wardrobe Rentals:

- 13 years old and above Php 1,000

- 12 years old and below Php 500

Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate with your family, friends, and even your furry pals. Treasure your memories of them this season with our Christmas Photo shoot Package. We only offer limited slots so book now!

Contact us now get more information about the special promo.

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