About ME


Thank you for visiting my website dedicated to all my creative images. My name is Abigail Miguel and I have been living in suitcases with my four children and my amazing husband traveling in different countries here in ASIA. Six months ago, we have decided to come back home to Philippines. 

I am an Associate Designation of one of the most prestigious association of photographers around the world, Wedding Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) and recently received my Licentiate Master Photographer from Master Photographers Association (MPA UK). 

I am deeply passionate about creating images that tells a story. My work and photos are the extension of my self and how I see  beauty around us. I am continually inspired by colors, texture and arts that can transcend emotions and language. 

I always push myself to be better and develop skills that can serve my clients better. Creativity partnered with technical skills can go a long way in executing an idea and concept. Challenges and new ideas keep me on my toes and I bask on them so I can learn more and mature as an artist. 

Photography is an art and there is no limitation of ideas and imaginings.